Basic course/ individual 

3 weeks 840 Eur

  • The course is suitable for photographers who have basic knowledge of photography and have basic knowledge of Photoshop.  
  • During the course you will learn:  
  1. Work with different light schemes  
  2. Understand the specifics of lighting depending on the type and age of the model, as well as on what effect of the light pattern you want to achieve  
  3. Work with posing models, avoid the effect of a second chin, cut limbs, shortened limbs, distortion and other errors. Learn to avoid boring poses. Get acquainted with life hacks that help the model look relaxed in the frame.  
  4. Do professional retouching in Photoshop in the style of classic portraits, fine art, fashion.  
  5.  Add drawing the missing fantasy elements 
  6.  Do makeup in Photoshop
  7.  From any ordinary photo, you will be able to make a stunning portrait only with the help of Photoshop, you will discover previously unknown facets of the editor’s capabilities.  
  • The training takes place online via Skype or ZOOM.  
  1. The course is individual, designed only for ONE participant!  
  2. All the time of the teacher will be devoted to you.  
  • The training period is 3 weeks: 
  1.  Mon. 19:00 — 21:00, Wed. 19:00 — 21:00 — theory, practical demonstration, analysis of difficult moments;  
  2.  Fri. 19:00 — 21:00 — analysis of homework, correction of errors.  
  •  By the last week of training, you will have 2 portraits ready and a clear understanding of the direction in which you will develop as a photographer 
  •  Upon completion of the training, you will receive a diploma of completion of the Basic Course of the Karpov-Art Studio
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Basic course/group

3 weeks 300 Euro


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Masterclass PRO/ Individual 

1 day 350 Euro

  • The  masterclass is suitable for experienced photographers who want to improve their skills in Photoshop.  
  • During the Masterclass you will:
  1. Get a step-by-step analysis of fine art retouching using the example of one photograph 
  2. Learn how to use the unique and rare features of Photoshop, unfamiliar to most photographers
  3.  Add the missing fantasy elements of decor, costume, hairstyle, etc.
  4. Do makeup in Photoshop better than any makeup artist 
  5. Make sure that a beautiful portrait can be made from almost any source.
  • The training takes place online via Skype or ZOOM. 
  1. The Masterclass is individual, designed only for ONE participant! All the time of the teacher will be devoted to you.
  2. The duration of training is 1 day — 3 hours
  • The date and time are negotiated individually. 
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All information which you receive during my musterclass is only for your personal purposes.

Any distribution, posting in open sources, resending to anyone or selling to anyone  any parts of my masterclasses are strictly prohibited. By paying for the lessons, you agree that violation of this condition and my copyrights will be the cause of legal action against you.

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